Vibrating Screen

It is the use of a reciprocating rotary vibrating screen vibration transducer excitation arising from the work. Vibrator on a rotary hammer so that the screen surface to produce flat whirling vibration, while the lower rotating weight makes the screen surface to produce cone rotary vibration, which makes the effect of the combined effects of the screen surface to produce complex rotation vibration. Vibration locus is a complex space curves. The curve is a circular projection in the horizontal plane, and the vertical projection plane of an oval shape. The regulator, rotating hammer excitation force can change the amplitude. Adjust the upper and lower hammer spatial phase angle, you can change the shape of the curve trajectory of the screen surface and change the trajectory of the screen surface materials.

Advantages Of Vibrating Screen

It is mainly composed of screen box, exciter, hanging (or support) device and motor and other components. Electric motor through V-belt driven exciter spindle rotation, due to the centrifugal force of the unbalanced weights on the exciter, so vibrating screen box. Changing the exciter eccentric weight to obtain different amplitude.

  • 1. Due to strong vibration of screen box, reducing the material clogging the sieve, thus making a sieve with high screening efficiency and productivity.
  • 2. Simple structure, easy removable screen surface.
  • 3. Screening material per ton of power consumed less.

Vibrating Screen Working Principle

The different particle sizes of granular materials group, many times through the hole uniform distribution of single- or multi-screen surface is divided into several different levels of screening process to become. Greater than the sieve particles remain in the screen surface, the screen surface is called the sieve was less than the sieve particles through the sieve, sieve material known as the screen surface. The actual screening process are: a large number of different particle size, thickness after mixed granular materials into the screen surface, only a portion of the particles in contact with the screen surface, due to the vibration of the screen box, sieve material layer is loose, so that large particles already exist the gap is further expanded, the small particles opportunity through the gap, or transferred to the lower conveyor. Due to the small clearance of small particles, large particles can not pass through, so the original haphazard arrangement of the particles occurs separation, ie particle size stratified, forming small particles in the next, regularly arranged on the coarse particles home. Reach the screen surface of the fine particles are less than transparent mesh sieve, and ultimately the coarse, fine separation, complete the screening process. However, sufficient separation is not, at the time of screening, in general, lower part of the left in the sieve sieve composition. Through fine sieve when, although the particles are smaller than the mesh, but they are different degrees of difficulty through the sieve, sieve material and particles of similar size, it is difficult to sift through, the particles through the gap on the lower screen surface harder.

Vibrating Screen Main Function

With the further development of China's economic construction and scientific research undertakings, vibrating screen new uses will continue to appear, they are used in various sectors will also be increased, and will play an increasingly important role.

In engineering applications: Application of theoretical results with the results of 30 years, Professor Wen Bangchun be made to promote applied in engineering practice. For example, large self deflection exciter synchronous vibration screen and screen inertial resonance probability formula, the new structure of the vibration crusher, vibrating cooling machine new structure, etc., and successfully applied in the industrial sector, has made significant economic and social benefits , national invention Award, the national Science and Technology progress Award and the provincial and ministerial level awards more than 10.

Innovative Design Theory and Methods: We propose a more dynamic mechanical vibrating screen system design theory and method, dynamic design theory and method are particularly satisfied that the nonlinear mechanical vibrating screen, as well as dynamic optimization, optimization and intelligent visual optimization for the content of integrated design method for high-quality the design of these products, especially the new product research and development and provide theoretical reference plant basis.

Nonlinear Dynamics Theoretical Innovation: Professor Wen summarized Bangchun vibration and long-term fluctuations in the use of systems theory and experimental research work carried out by technology and equipment, vibration screen using a plurality of branch of engineering (such as vibration synchronized with synchronous control theory applications, nonlinear vibration use, spread the use of wave energy and other branches) created a theoretical basis.

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