Maintenance of mobile sand making machine bearing parts will affect the normal operation of the enti

Maintenance of mobile sand making machine bearing parts will affect the normal operation of the entire production line

The mobile sand making machine has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and good effect, but the utilization rate of the equipment used is high. Therefore, the maintenance of the machine is very important, but in a sense, the maintenance of the machine is the maintenance of the equipment components. Maintenance of mobile sand maker bearings and non-bearing components will affect the normal operation of the entire production line.

  • 1. Chemical treatment: Use oil or strong oxidant to remove oil stains on the surface of the workpiece, and naturally contain polar materials such as carbon to facilitate bonding.
  • 2. Irradiation grafting: Treating the bonding surface of non-polar materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and fluoroplastic with polar material monomers such as methyl methacrylate, acrylic acid or vinyl acetate can effectively improve surface properties, Improve the quality of materials. Bonds, but more heavily used. Here are some ways to deal with foreign objects.
  • 3, mechanical treatment: remove the oil stain on the surface of the bonding surface, such as mold release agents, shrinkage agents, etc. on the surface of polymer materials, which can be polished by hand.
  • 4, physical treatment: mostly used for the bonding of non-polar polymer materials.


The mobile sand making machine plays an important role in the sand production line and sand production line, so that large stones have the fine work of turning into stones or sand.

In mobile sand making machines, there is always a lot of dust, so how to do some correct dust prevention measures? In the sandstone production line industry, the use of mobile sand making machines is constantly expanding, and the advantages are significant. In the industry, it is favored and recognized by users. When operating the mobile sand making machine, it is necessary to ensure the standardization of operations, reduce errors caused by human operations, and affect the normal operation of the equipment.


Now, when users choose a mobile sand maker, they can't just focus on the technical level of the equipment. Whether the equipment has high efficiency and low energy consumption, and energy saving and environmental protection have become the purchasing standards of current users. So, how to install the water seal dustproof in the mobile sand making machine? First, the water seal dustproof device can effectively prevent dust from entering the mobile sand making machine and create friction surfaces in various parts of the equipment. There are two water supply systems for the water seal dustproof device. One is a continuous water seal system, which is mainly used to start using water at the pump station of the concentrator. Usually, the water in the system will pass through the crusher and then be discharged. Dirt and dust will collect in the water and flow out with the water, and will not circulate in the system. The other is a circulating air distribution system whose main function is to use a self-circulating water supply station. Connect the assembled pump system to the inlet of the spherical bearing frame. Problems with ore and wear should be avoided. A corrugated pipe water pipe for observation shall be specially arranged on the drainage pipe of the sand making machine.

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