What problems will occur when the ultra-fine mill is used in the summer

What problems will occur when the ultra-fine mill is used in the summer, how to prevent and solve it?

Summer is approaching, what kind of predicament will the ultra-fine mill for production at high temperatures face? Is the phoenix nirvana still comfortable with the status quo, and stealing security? What are the problems with superfine grinding opportunities in the hot summer, how to prevent and solve them?

Common is the ultra-fine mill bearing heat, in general, there are many reasons for bearing heat, such as long-term rotation will cause the bearing heat, but the hot summer will also make the equipment bearing heat, this time people will It is a normal thing to think that bearing heat is a normal thing. This attitude of not paying attention will cause damage to the bearing of the equipment. Therefore, once the bearing is found to be hot in the production process, it should be stopped and cooled in time to avoid other faults.


However, in addition to the weather and long-term operation will cause the bearing to heat, there is also the use of the bearing for too long, the bearing will contain some impurities, which will lead to the bearing is not smooth, will directly cause the bearing heat, and even wear the bearing The service life, in addition to too much or too little lubricant, causes the bearing to heat up. These problems need people to pay attention to.

Then there is the plum blossom frame of the ultra-fine mill. As the name suggests, it is a plum-like shelf, which is attached to the upper end of the central shaft, on which the roller shaft is mounted, and the part is driven by the main drive to rotate rapidly, and the grinding ring is fixed. Without moving, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder feeds the material quantitatively, uniformly and continuously into the main machine, and is ground between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Although it is not directly involved in the crushing of the material, it is relative to other materials. For components, it can also be said to play a direct role, which is very important for production.

The characteristics of high temperature and rain in summer make the ultra-fine mill in the working process, because the airflow sucks from the lower part of the grinding ring in the tangential direction, through the grinding zone between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, three grinding rollers are installed on the plum blossom frame. Not only does it revolve around the central axis, but the grinding roller itself rotates due to friction. The material temperature is too high, or the humidity is too high, so that the friction and material deposition cause the plum blossom frame to be inflexible, which seriously affects the production schedule. It is important to monitor the temperature and humidity of the material.

The article mainly introduces what problems will occur in the ultra-fine mill in the summer, how to prevent and solve it, and analyze the possible failures and causes of the bearing and plum frame components in production. In actual use, Maintenance and maintenance should be carried out in order to ensure smooth production.

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