How to operate the jaw crusher correctly?

How to operate the jaw crusher correctly?

In mine smelters or gravel plants, we must pay attention to the correct operation of jaw crushers to avoid safety accidents. At the same time, these smelters or stone plants should focus on safe production, safe operation, and instill safety awareness among workers. Safe work is done to ensure proper operation and reduce costs directly caused by safety incidents.


The feeding system of a smelter is fed by a belt conveyor, which is broken by the jaw crusher and then enters the next process. One day and night shift (zero to 8:00 am), the employee Wang is responsible for the operation in this position. Due to the large amount of raw materials broken in the shift, the crusher is difficult to eat. When the large ore is encountered, the ore must be stopped to remove the ore. Manually use a sledgehammer to smash it into small pieces. According to the normal feeding operation, it takes only more than five hours to complete the production task on the shift, and this time, it is still about two hours from the off-duty time to complete about 60% of the on-duty task. At about 6 o'clock in the morning, an large piece of material entered the crusher. The operator Wang saw that the crusher was only idling, and the ore did not go down. The belt conveyor was stopped and went straight to the crusher feed port. At the edge of the console, the right foot presses the ore to the crusher feed port. The stone was finally squeezed in, but because Wang had used too much force, his right foot also entered the crusher, and all of the ankles were broken.

  • direct cause
  • Wang is operating illegally. In order to complete the production task on duty as soon as possible, eager to achieve. According to the operation rules of the crusher of the factory, when the crusher is stuck, it must be shut down. However, Wang did not take measures to stop the operation, but instead used a large piece of ore on his foot, which led to the accident.

  • Indirect cause
  • 1. The safety management of the plant is lax. Wang did not wear labor insurance shoes to work as required, and the class leader found that this situation was not stopped.

    2. Staff safety awareness is weak. In this accident, if Wang has a little more self-protection awareness, he can completely avoid the accident.

    3. Re-production is not one of the reasons for the accident.

  • Responsibility determination
  • The safety department of the plant investigated and analyzed the accident scene and the operating environment and found that this was a human liability accident. Wang was the main responsible person of the accident. The shift squad leader had an unshirkable responsibility for the accident due to neglect of management. The factory handled the two responsible persons: Wang has already constituted a serious injury and no longer made financial punishment. After the rehabilitation, he stopped working for 30 days and wrote a written guarantee. The squad leader will be dismissed.

  • Precaution
  • 1. Strengthen the training and education of safety knowledge, enhance the safety awareness of employees, and improve the safety skills and self-protection ability of employees.

    2. Increase the safety inspection at the production site to prevent illegal operations and illegal command.

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