Research on wearing parts of impact crusher

Research on wearing parts of impact crusher

The impact crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment. It can process materials with a side length of 100-500 mm and a compressive strength of up to 350 MPa. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio and cubic particles after crushing. Therefore, as a promising device, it is very popular among the market and users. However, there are disadvantages in powerful machines. The biggest disadvantage is that the hammers and counter-attacks are particularly prone to wear, especially broken or hard ore, which is more serious and needs to be replaced frequently. This article has done the following research on the material of counter-attacking consumables today, for reference only!


  • 1. The working conditions are made of quartzite and quartz sandstone, and then the concrete is prepared. SIO in these two types of sand and gravel. The content is 75% to 90%, the Mohs hardness is 7 or higher, and the compressive strength is 200 & mdash; 300 MPa. The technical parameters of the introduced counter crusher are: rotor diameter 1000 & time; width 1000mm, speed 740r/min, power 160kw, maximum feed size 150mm, crushing capacity 120t/h. The wearing parts randomly brought in the equipment are assessed by on-site production, and the service life is 110 & mdash; 125h. Another working condition of the vulnerable parts in operation is that the high-speed impact hammer repeatedly collides with the high-hardness quartzite, and the working temperature of the impact hammer is as high as 500— 600 °C. Therefore, the anti-wear material must be at a higher temperature. It has sufficient toughness and hardness.
  • 2. Wear mechanism The wear of the impact parts such as impact hammers and counter-attacks in the Nori Chong counter-crusher is the chisel-type abrasive wear. The wear is groove wear with strong surface strain and mechanical strain. The groove is formed because the abrasive cuts the metal substrate at a certain speed under the action of external force, and is detached from the metal substrate after a period of slip, thereby being in the base body. Leave a groove on the road. The formation of the grooves depends on the magnitude of the local stress and the relative value of the metal surface to the hardness of the abrasive. In the case of the same stress, the greater the hardness of the abrasive, the easier it is to create a groove. Due to the high hardness of the sand shale, the grooves generated on the metal matrix tend to dominate the wear.
  • 3. Material selection In order to learn from foreign experience, we first analyzed and tested the metallographic structure, mechanical properties and chemical composition of the imported products of voestal. The results show that the materials used for imported parts are high alloy anti-wear materials. The chemical composition is shown in Table 1. The metallographic structure is martensite plus bar-like primary carbide plus secondary carbide, and the hardness is HRC 62-64. We conducted extensive research and physical analysis on the use of commonly used anti-wear materials at home and abroad. On this basis, we conducted a large number of material tests according to the working principle of the impact crusher and domestic resources, and selected CYK type high chromium alloy cast iron. Come to trial production.
  • 4. The anti-wear parts of the impact crusher are developed to prevent the coarse grain of the casting structure or the defects such as cold separation and wrinkle, and the casting temperature is controlled at 1360~1380 °C. The high-chromium alloy cast iron material used in the casting process has the characteristics of high alloy content, good fluidity, large shrinkage and poor thermal conductivity. Therefore, in designing the casting molding process, the principle of sequential solidification is adopted, and the riser is added to the casting. The feeding effect of the thickening casting such as the impact hammer and the counterattack plate is the casting method of the vertical pouring rainproof riser.

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