What equipment maintenance work does the hammer crusher need every day?

What equipment maintenance work does the hammer crusher need every day?

As the core operation equipment of the production line, the crusher should be regularly turned on and off every day to make the crusher run and produce. The same daily inspection and maintenance of the crusher equipment is also of the same important nature as the power-on shutdown. Doing a good daily maintenance and repair work on the crushing equipment can effectively extend the service life of the equipment.


Daily maintenance and overhaul of hammer crusher:

  • First, maintenance
  • 1. Comprehensive inspection and maintenance of components. After each work, all parts of the machine must be inspected thoroughly. The screen bars in the working chamber should be cleaned to remove excess materials and blockages; always check the wear level of the machine consumables (such as the hammer). Seriously worn parts should be replaced in time; always check the tightening of bolted joints of each part and tighten the loose bolts in time.

    2. Bearing lubrication maintenance. During the use of the bearing, the lubricant should be filled into the bearing once every 8 hours, and the fuel should be timely; the lubricating oil should be replaced once every month to three months, and the bearings should be carefully cleaned with clean gasoline or kerosene when changing oil. Guarantee the flexibility of the bearing.

  • Second, overhaul
  • 1. Overhaul, medium repair and minor repairs. When moving the hammer crusher, first cut off the power supply to ensure personal safety; maintenance is divided into overhaul, medium repair and minor repair, overhaul inspection contents: wear parts, spindle straightness, motor insulation, main bearing, truss , motor bearings, electrical appliances and circuits; medium repair inspection content: main bearings, wear parts, etc.; minor repair inspection content: bolts, fasteners, V-belts, wear parts.

    1.1 minor repairs. Regularly check the lubrication of the main parts, wearing parts and various parts of the crusher, and change the lubricating oil regularly, but be sure to ensure the quality of the lubricating oil, and select the appropriate lubricating oil according to the weather conditions at that time; The wear of the linings in each place should be replaced in time for serious wear; in general, the hammer crusher needs a minor repair in half a month.

    1.2 repair. The repair includes all the minor repairs. It mainly checks the wear level of the lining and the degree of wear of the drive shaft. When these parts wear to a certain extent, they must repair or replace the new ones in time; also check the operation of the electrical equipment regularly. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment; the inspection cycle of the intermediate repair is determined according to the degree of wear of the lining and the drive bushing, and the intermediate repair is usually carried out in half a year.

    1.3 overhaul. The overhaul includes all the contents of the middle repair. It mainly inspects the large parts of the equipment, such as the frame, the middle frame, the beam, etc. Generally, if minor repairs and medium repair equipment are carried out according to the regulations, and the problems are solved in time, then it will be very much during the overhaul. Easy, the equipment will not appear too much fault; compared to the medium repair and minor repairs, the overhaul cycle is generally relatively long, about five years, mainly to the innovation of equipment technology.

    2. Overhaul of the hammer. When repairing, it should be noted that the hammer head is easy to wear. When replacing the hammer head, it should be weighed one by one. According to the single mass of the hammer head, the mass should be equal. The mass of each group is basically equal. The mass difference should be within 0.05KG to ensure smooth operation of the rotor.

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